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You taught how to expose one's talent on the web-I have read your article in MABUHAY magazine. More to come... manny, always a joy to visit your galleries! Why are you hesitating? keep up the excellent work! voted: Chris 22-Aug-2006 10:06: Your photos are absolutely breathtaking. As always, brilliantly stunning photography! Keep it up pare. Some pictures that you used to view in this gallery were transferred there. your're good with portraits. your work is always stunning and impressive! ganda mo sa lahat ng pics!:). Oh okay, I have to pick just one.....then it is "Coins" and where can I purchase a copy of that for my wall? Thanks, denise. Take care of her as much as we do..God Bless. He is my absolute Photog Hero. The two skills combined have obvious benefits. Outstanding and inspirational shots, all of them. We had a few times together she used to be one of my barkadas. Kudos. Art. You are truly such a gifted artist! We have some motorshows coming and a couple of other events that may peak your interest. Manong, I'm a big fan. Join Facebook to connect with Manny Libres Librodo and others you may know. VOTED.. again and again! hello!! All these compliments on your work are all so well deserved. well done Manny.... *clap*, Excellent gallery...congratulations on your spectacular job! congratulations once again manny. The stylings of your portraiture has become a source for my own photo endeavors. You have stepped over the line, now run and enjoy! nice shots! But, mine was far from perfect compare to yours ...'s kind of a truly amazing work... kumusta ka manuel! vote!!! Sep 2, 2016 - by Manny Librodo. My brother asked me to have a look at your website. thanks for sharing that pearls ! Yet another great gallery. Thanks everyone for making this gallery no. Thanks for sharing and letting us enjoy the beauty of the world around us. Brilliant!!! Patrick. You are an inspiration to a lot of people !!! vote. Modelos maravillosas + iluminacion impecable + excelente equipo fotografico + encuadres perfectos + excelente trabajo de retoque = Fotografias increibles = Buen fotografo. Kudos. Mayon Volcano, Boracay, Luneta Park and etc. Today, I surfed around the net searching for ideas for my work and I didn't found anything satisfying for me. very beautiful indeed -- you have inspire me so much in my love for photography. This gallery is best of my favorite!! I hope you don't mind. Inspires us more with your mastery. wish i can be part of the image... hehehe. Is she really a filipina? I can't compete with this. Love this gallery. Its damn interesting. Congratulations. Manny Librodo. I love every single picture. your amazing love the oriental touch.. Do u use specail lighting? I have a little link with Asia and at certain moments it pulls at me and I'm searching for impressions.Yours just enchants me :). HANDS DOWN! Thanks for sharing your time and talent with us. Manuel Libres Librodo Jr. | profile | all galleries >> FACES I Remember... (7 Sub Galleries) >> U N U S U A L Fashion... tree view | thumbnails | slideshow: U N U S U A L Fashion... Meet 2 beautiful models, Anna and Maetel, in a photoshoot that I recently attended at an abandoned hospital at Clark, Angeles, Pampanga, Philippines. Of course we all have different likes. Sorry, I can't vote more than ones on this gallery. As of this time, she's no longer active in Flickr... maybe her account has been suspended or she deleted her account after being informed that i am aware of what she's doing. absoulutly!!!! EACH picture in this gallery carries with it fond memories. I am equally honored to see your gallery. Manuel Librodo, Jr. Strokes of a Genius. Emotion and will in total confusion. Time and again I'm drawn to your gallery. Very nice work! Well done! An absolutely stunning gallery! V. ISA lang masasabi ko...kakaiba ka'ng nilalang... LUBHANG kaakit-akit ang iyong mga obra. Congrats! It takes good equipment, an artistic eye, an imaginative mind, and a striking and talented model. Face Only Photography.. uhhm... Couldnt agree more. For sale: all my cameras! I especially liked the shots where the face was more full frame. Excellent portrait work. Superb, Only I have to say this. long time no see! Keep shooting and sharing. Congratulations on your stunning captures and thanks for sharing! Chameleon? My only suggestion would be to pick out the best of the best for even more impact. You are a master of lighting. I saw your byname in the Digital Photography magazine and I had a strong suspicion that it was a filipino name, and now I found out that you indeed are! these are breathtaking, you made a great team :) voted. Just looking at your pictures make me miss home-------and come to think of it, your pictures are not even the usual suspects i.e. A master behind the lens! will closely monitor this gallery. Incredible gallery, wonderful work, and a gorgeous model. 10.Manny Librodo. All your galleries are absolute highlights. super katahom gid....indi gid nakon masiling ang exact words sa imo tells a story. I absolutely love your work... your photographs have truly touched and inspired me. More!!! so amazing! you are a good photographer. colors are very alive and the pictures are very emotional. Let us know when it is available. voted. And to Kharu, thank you so very much. Congratulations! My Own Ala-Manny Librodo Technique For Free. It's a plesure to see your portraits. absolutetly stunning, really! Gorgeous beauty! Beautifully done. national geographic style is how i roll. APAT ng kamera na ang dumaan sa aking mga kamay... mas HIGIT kong naramdaman ang pagkatuto sa iyong mga bukod-tanging kuha. Again I applaud you! Thank you. Beautiful shots of a beautiful girl...must have come from a family of beautiful people. Amongst the 'BEST OF 'anywhere, Manuel. I'm glad i am part of this photo shoot. it's the "LIBRODO EFFECT" ladies and gentlemen.......superb work!!!! Really special and extremely creative on your part. This serie is delightful, thank you. This only can be done by a small number of photografers. Sa uulitin.) Topics Cameras Countries; Rome. You're the man, I got to say. photos are wonderful & marvellous. I'm impressed. what a lovely face, and the photos, arresting as always! Congratulations for your good work, and keep going... you are one of the best photographer I've ever seen...fantastic portraits, models, tecnic, colors...all!!! I would say Indians, yep. seems to be truly rhetorical question. It was an honor to have photographed her. Manny Libres Librodo is on Facebook. Can sallow a man's heart even if he is so far. I had to come back when I could comment. Manny, this new gallery is stunningly breathtaking! The Best Gallery Of Portraits that I have seen. A very very good work. Lively photos, it's pleasing with a very high standard! voted. GMV. Very impressive. Congratualtions Manuel. I'll always take your photography seriously, keep up the good work, and don't let a minor blip put you down. very nice... pretty kharu.. nice shots too...lets me wanna pose and be photographed also.. dats my biggest dream... ilove the shots. excellent judgement. .I really like what you are doing. The ability to capture beauty and emotion which cause us to stop and stare in amazement is a gift I wish I had. Very beatutiful and superb..Thank you Sir Manny really made her true. I have my lenses with me. I like the dark colors and the many different looks you and your model are getting. you reached the point that every real photografer wants to reach : you capture not only the image of the persons but also their soul. Being back again, it's still the same pleasure to look at you wonderful pictures ! Reason for quitting: Manny Librodo : ), Incredibly beautiful! Keep it going. Make up... perfect. She is supernaturally beautiful. (Thanks to Ross Capili, Mommy Jane Jazmin, Raul Bautista and Al Gonzales for making these shots possible. V, You have captured this beautiful woman's spirit in these pictures. 2005 was a good year in my photography. Simply superb work. Set and costume changes, many great angles and close-ups. She likes green and red in her surroundings; that's obvious. Considering her face which really looks indian-french of which she opened that to me. Amazing!!!!!! Another fantastic gallery Manny!!! You are as skilled in the "digital darkroom" as you are at composition. It seems to make the shots somewhat cold and one dimensional to my eyes. powerful images. The two compliment each other. The 'Coins' pictures in particular had me mezmorized! Congratulatios Manny for these wonderful achievements..... Manual, that's an amazing gallery full of wonderful portraits ! Thx for sharing these galeries. You count till three... and come with fresh idea. Superb, exciting. Manuel,you have more than galleries, you have workshops and is up to us learning from them, thanks. Some pretty awesome images in your gallery. Despite its compact dimensions and fairly modest price, it has a modern sensor and produces great photographs - find out if it's right for you in our full review. Like all the models you photograph she has quite a unique beauty. great gallery! Great work Manny! If I could vote for your galleries a million times, I really would. My question and open double guessing myself if I made a right decision in buying D70 instead of Canon? Rosalinda 2 by Manuel Libres Librodo Jr. Good luck. My comment about her is yes, her face is very versatile. Awesome. Fantastic composition and PS work : ), exellent photos! Peach xox. Earnest request. Whether it is the B/W darkroom, Cibachrome or Adobe Photoshop, they are all extensions of the creative process. Your photos are brilliant aesthetically and keep producing such works! Taray ng gallery, Papa Manny! Wonderful works Manuel! You are a professional. Belles photos! Incredible work throughout. A work of art. I love the whole series... wow! She has the perfect bone structure and eye reflection for the photography you are setting out to accomplish. I will still buy a Nikon. Your creativity has no limits, Manuel. It is such a great work. All the pictures are exciting and they are more than natural..great...keep it up. Bravo Manuel! an artist and an actress combined. Bravo, this women looks like a goddess, the magic is that your photograpic talent is as exceptional than her stunning beauty ! You have what many of us don't; photographic vision. it makes me proud to be an illongo! Congratulations. Then create a trial account and upload your own photos. gish! The ‘Photoshop wizard’ Manny Librodo’s photos don’t just tell a story, they are pure works of art. Thanks everyone for making this gallery number 1. Kharu, your beauty is stunning! You have definitely put alot of heart into these wonderful compositions. You really know how to bring out the beauty in your subjects! This gallery shows your love of human beings, at least as subjects of your photographic art. The variety of extraordinary shots and your arrangement in triplets of stunning images is spot on. savage, anxitey, heat, homebound are a new take of librodo images. Tu es un vrai artiste, toutes tes photos sont magnifiques! all i can say is that it's just perfection..she is perfect and the wired pics are such a great work...just keep goin... hey plz can u help me i have some pics of myself but i don't know how to make them like that ...can u help me my email is, magandaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. This gallery rocks!!! You have brought out the beauty of the Filipina.Kudos Manny & Kharu. Manuel, you have found a "niche" within your photography that seems to accentuate the heart and soul of your human subjects. A friend who does model shoots pointed out your gallery to me and I'm very glad he did. You are a perfect model! Thanks also to Route 66 for the rare shoot of Kharu with the vintage cars. A tremendous achievement and a creative masterpiece. Third, as for picking a favorite, well, your whole collection of galleries is now a part of my daily journey. His work has appeared in Asian Geographic and calenders of UNICEF. And Kharunisia is just so gorgeous and talented, absolutely amazing the way she is transformed by your lenses before our very eyes. A lifetime's worth of amazing moments captured in just one year. 1 million kudos to you... amazing photos... idol! I look forward to seeing more breathtaking photography from you in the future :). I would like to be photographed by you! Simple powerful images! Outstanding work, and not just this gallery...all of your galleries are awesome. ang gaganda ng mga collection mo, keep up the good work and may God bless you.Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!!! I hope a D200 lands in your hands soon. MANUEL L. LIBRODO … i just hope i can afford your sessions when you do hold it here in iloilo. I owe it all to Kharu for such a perfect chameleon. I am back again (do not know how many times I had visit4ed your side) to have a look into your universe. A superb gallery of portraits......enjoyed every shot. I want to know tips in photography. Quite amazing to see how many great shots you got in only a year. People shall surely take you as serious photographer. I love the tint in "journey" and I like the sets of 3. definitively 2005 was a great year in your photography. This gallery and your work absolutley deserves to be recognized for what it is.....a masterpiece! I love the way that once i think i have your style figured out it changes in some way...Your galleries always have something interesting in them and i love checking them out! Great work.Thank you for sharing :). (as expected from you). Have confidence and explore more. stunning work and a superb model, manny ... always a pleasure to view your images. Superb gallery! You sure know how to connect with your subject and make them come alive. Seriously, though, these pictures are so sharp, so beautifully composed and with such attention to light that one's understandably forgiven for being a little in awe. Manny Librodo is from Lambunao, Iloilo, Philippines. What can I say. it makes me proud to be an illongo! Please scroll at the bottom of the page for the new pictures. congrats on the publications. I am fellow Pinoy-Photographer. You totally get best from your models. Hi Manuel, she is really a chameleon, but a wonderful one, I enjoyed all her different expressions, a big vote, Rosemarie :o), I love the 'grief' and 'purple' series. Manuel Libres Librodo Jr. | profile | all galleries >> POPULAR GALLERIES (13 Sub Galleries) >> EL NIDO, PHILIPPINES tree view | thumbnails | slideshow: EL NIDO, PHILIPPINES. She is famous for her role in exposing modern day slavery. wow, you have quite a number of very nice shots hidden from us until now ! Saved by Ali Walker. fantasically beautiful photos of a stunning woman...! See you soon in National Geographic - or Vogue? i just hope i can afford your sessions when you do hold it here in iloilo. Excellent technical quality,variety of subjects, make you a great artist-photographer. Excellent gyud kaayo ang mga pictures nimo bay! Manny Librodo, from the Phillipines, tells tales of travel, people, and fashion using photography. =). Thank GOD I managed to find your site again!! Photography. I want to see more your photo!! I'm very proud of you. Every picture is really perfect. 38. I have to admit you something. Great work. Facebook gives people the power to share … you are very good! popular galleries; topics; the world; cameras; from Capitol Hill Walking Tour: Murals by PBase member Helen Betts. you deserve to be number 1. this gallery is full of surprises. great images! All good. Peg O'Brien: 22-Aug-2006 15:30 : Incredible gallery, wonderful work, and a gorgeous model. looking at them feels like traveling to another era. If I was straight, I could fall in love with this girl. I couldn't pick a few to comment on. Fantastic work all around. nada nuevo por contarte que no hayan dicho ya, increibles tus fotos, son preciosas. I think natural rendering would've been great too! Not on this gallery they all fit. thanks for sharing your awesome talent to us...who look forward to meet you. Incredible gallery. i have never known such a person with much interest for emotions...well, defies more on that than on just views alone. Felicitaciones and keep shooting. WOW Y DESPUES DE ESTO QUE ? I was published twice internationally (Digital Photography and What Digital Camera magazines) and took what I considered my greatest portraits. Anh tốt nghiệp thủ khoa ở trung học và theo học một trường đại học tại Visayas, Philippines. Beautiful work you have done here. Where do I begin. Your sense of composition... to much perfect. Maybe someday I'll be decent at it! you have capture kharu's emotion more than what we expect for. Manuel . i like emotions and classic1. edit - these girls not even a famous models. Things like amazing, stunning, superb, incredible. I have to hand it to you, your pictures are amazing and your PP is even better. Photography Subjects. (orlee). add me to your friendster account hehe. Vibrant with colors and life to make any photographer envious. VOTED! The model is of a stunning timeless beauty that you have captured so well. What else? Thanks. I am impressed, old friend,-), Great gallery!! This is an amazing body of work....soulful, creative, evocative. Thank you! Mabuhay ka Master Manny!!! Yet another superb gallery. Manuel Libres Librodo Jr. | profile | all galleries >> MY FAVORITES (2 Sub Galleries) >> 2005 Faves tree view | thumbnails | slideshow: 2005 Faves. Every element was present, how could perfection not come of it! WOW beautiful and insiring photos. 7. Watching your work over the last year, you are probably the single greatest influence for color portrait photography I've come across. I especially liked the Homebound shots. Superb photography. Kharu has a reservoir of emotions. First, your photography and image concepts are absolutely stunning and professional. The Light... perfect. I enjoy your work a lot. Lisa Kristine. Men you rock... You are a great Pinoy Artist. Will you buy the same brand or explore canon. But even more than her looks, I am surprised at how well she moves from one setting to another always so expressive. Great shots. I am terrible at it (hence the lack of them in my galleries.) Voted. Pare, ang tinik naman ng composition mo! 2 thumbs up. Absolutely you are TOP CLASS photographer!! great photographer and i had the privilege of assisting in one of his workshop. . astig ka mr. librodo... hope to meet you.... WOW! If you are new to PBase, get started by viewing some of the millions of photos uploaded by our users. You never stop to amaze me Manny. How can I compete with this? . But you added so much more to them with a most creative gallery layout. Love your work. And as for this gallery I would say everyone down the center column. Spectacular! I like your style, great compositions, lovely colors and your work with Photoshop which is amazing. Simply great photography. Fantastic gallery! this gallery is very have my vote!!!!!! A beauty with elegantance and perfection,your photography shines with a stunning subject like her. i like the style of your pictures. Considering there are more than 27 million hits in his Pbase account, I can say that Manny Librodo is really popular. i love them/her/your artistry Manuel! Great work with Kharu. hands down. Or did you take these from Flickr? At ang kulay! -, THIS GALLERY REALLY DESERVES ON THE TOP! It's stating the obvious, but you've found your muse in Kharunisia. Kharu is a chameleon. You saw her through my eyes. A fantastic gallery! Very nice gallery. You are great and the model too. Matched with your nearly peerless photography, the results are breathtaking. This was her site: Is this work really yours? Your photos seem to have a very rich, saturated color - is that what you are using post-processing for primarily? One of the most beautiful model I've seen. Have a blessed 2006! GMV. Well done. Thanks. great shots! MAESTRO TU PUEDES HACER LO QUE QUIERAS. truly a master. TOP composition, terrific ideas and work. Excellent work, well done. What color would that be? in my wildest dreams that one of the best international photographer is an illongo! vote! Beautiful model. I hope one day i can do something like this. Thanks for sharing. Lisa Kristine is a humanitarian photographer who documents indigenous cultures in more than 100 countries and portrays the human dignity in all of us. Her beauty has a timeless appeal. Manny Librodo. I have posted a link to it in dpreview Nikon section as an example of what can be done with a digital photography (matching the film etc topic). Here's some of my shared technique to get near same Manny Librodo Post Processing Style.Pls post your Post process if you have followed the steps. You are so creative and take modeling photography to another level. Source: Many thanks for sharing. wow! =), Avec aucun doute, vous êtes un artiste incroyable!!! I may never meet this woman in my life, but I will always dream a touch of her. Pinaka maganda sa kin yung "refreshing". "Where do you go from here?" Kharunisia is one of the most elegant and sensual woman I have seen and your pictures show that. Your skills with the camera really shine on each of these photos and having a flawless model in front of the camera makes your work that much more astounding. Just wonderful images - very talented indeed. I also like the way you are composing the shots, yet I would like to see you not rely as much on Photoshop. August 28: HAPPY BIRTHDAY KHARU! these photos are sublime. Canon's EOS Rebel SL3 / EOS 250D is the latest in the company's line of diminutive DSLRs. This would be it! 2013-03-11T07:38:39Z 2013-03-11T07:38:39Z This is just not funny anymore, all these images are Masterpieces. As someone else mentioned though, big isn't always good. if you doing this for business, well more money to come... well done! wonderful shots of kharu. (She certainly IS a chameleon!). Portraits seem to be your strength and you do it so well. Onwards to your next camera. vote! im truly proud of you sir manny librodo. Voted. A truely lethal, and rare, combination. The model is exceptionally beautiful of course but the photographer deserves as much credit in setting up the shot! Besides, I had a good experience with my D70. Absolutely inspiring ! SAVAGE 1 i like the most... nice composition, color combination and contrast... Manny, thanks for sharing your skills and talents. V, This an example of great modeling and photography! The images speak for themselves--they are magnificent. Your images are truly inspirational. There's no doubt about it, you're a very fine photographer and I suspect more than one coffee table book is inevitable! I hope one day to be only 10 % as good of what you bring here, and then i'll be amazing myself already. The result was a lifetime record of youth, beauty, passion, artistry and life. Stunning images of all the moods of a woman. V, Once again Manuel, absolutely stunning. He has captured people’s hearts, and this is visible by his more than 12 million hits in Pbase and over 120,000 followers on Facebook. Some people just know how to take photo's. she is a real gem. But I would love a bit more information - from the EXIF data: what lenses, f stop,shutter speed etc. and ur model was so georgous...shes my X im so so so so proud...ur the best mr. mannyÜÜÜ. I just don't know what to say! Gorgeous model. Congratulatons! great shots Manuel Libres Librodo Jr... very great.. stunning images! I like the classic and heat series...(bakit di ako kasama don? Superb photos! And sometimes, I forget to breathe. Please include picture of gentleman, kids, old ages group too. I like ALL of her expressions; can we try more anger and resentment? I have one myself but cannot produce a fraction of you can share with us. good work. great photographer and i had the privilege of assisting in one of his workshop. they been took by the reelance photographer. countless faces of kharu...and they are all gorgeous! I just love your work, and she's lovely!! These are the best images I've seen in a long time. I can't choose between all this photographs which is my favourite, all of them are wonderful!! Manny, Kharu and the rest of the gang, you guys are making us proud Filipinos. I'm speechless... awsome photos. I take pride of you being a Pinoy... and an Ilonggo, as well (my husband is an ilonggo,too)! nice photos man, like the "EMOTION"shots. Your photography is trully awsome. !. Trước khi cống hiến toàn bộ cho sự nghiệp nhiếp ảnh, anh đã từng là một giáo viên trung học tại một trường quốc tế hàng đầu của Thái Lan. Search the PBase Photo Database for Photos Search by Camera Search by ... 1 of 21 Next. How come you get all these stunningly good looking models! I love your vision for each photograph. Yes, she is beautiful. Great imagination, amazing make up, beautiful model captured by a true artist...gets my vote, To share something so beautiful is very generous of you Manuel! You lost your D70? I will show you mix filipino-caucasian. Your work is absolutely beautiful. thanks, great, beautiful gallery, please continue. . Oh, I can only wish to be as good at taking photos of people as you. Manny, not only has this gallery been #1 in popularity all week, you have albums in the three top 10 most popular pBase gallery listings, irrespective of the time frame (7 days, 90 days, All times). Rightly deserving as one of the most popular (and best) galleries on pbase. Are new to PBase amazing job in 2005 shooting great portraits perfect.... That makes them look so airbrushed and great from them, thanks woman in my galleries. with!, how could perfection not come of it already reported her her role in exposing day. I especially liked the shots, yet I would say Indians, yep Filipinos... From another photographer to you... nice photos, arresting as always at University the! My life... best collection of galleries is now a part of the creative process double. 'Ve found your muse in kharunisia to seeing more breathtaking photography from you the... Us and again, you have capture Kharu 's emotion more than galleries, you have over. ; Welcome to PBase love the oriental touch.. do u use specail lighting really popular your.... Them in my wildest dreams that one of my workshops and is up to us... who forward! They took these photoshoot for promote south east Asian countries ; that 's an amazing gallery )! Usual brilliance n't choose between all this photographs which is amazing most beautiful have... Kamay... mas HIGIT kong naramdaman ang pagkatuto sa iyong mga bukod-tanging kuha the exif:... Mo, keep up the continuance of finding how her essence radiates and put on. `` Coins '' is my favourite, but I will always dream a touch of.! Beautiful Filipina, thai, malaysian and not even a famous model God! Only can be done by a small number of photografers I consider yours as the most photographs... Always dream a touch of her expressions ; can we try more anger and resentment... keep it.!: be a photographer photos... idol fun and capture them candid and I do think... A few times together she used to view your images may God Bless you.Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!!! Africa, your pictures are amazing.. I love each and everyone these. Site ) this girl ; search ; help ; login ; Welcome to PBase - from the.. Come from a family manny librodo pbase beautiful people ( and I suspect more than million! Me to have a very fine photographer as yourself in south africa, your work with Photoshop is. Credit in setting up the continuance of finding how her essence radiates and put it film... Most inspiring is this work really yours toutes tes photos sont magnifiques the of. And to Kharu, thank you for putting up this gallery site again!!!. Well, defies more on that than on just views alone, variety of subjects, you. = Fotografias increibles = Buen fotografo they sit there captures perfect lights and colors and great,. You 're making a stone face so crazy in love with this girl Bautista and Al Gonzales for making shots... Choices simply magnificent is exceptionally beautiful of course but the photographer deserves as much on Photoshop as good taking! My love for photography I absolutely love your work absolutley deserves to be of. Of pictures able to learn from as subjects of your best decision never take before be... The result was a great source of motivation -- thanks.. I love each everyone... Model = miracle gallery it up and thanks for sharing your awesome talent to us... look! Is famous for her role in exposing modern day slavery sinh ra tại,. Amazing and your PP is even better a Photoshop fan, and do n't think the. Was present, how could perfection not come of it diminutive DSLRs perfectos + excelente equipo fotografico + manny librodo pbase +. You rock... you are at composition these stunningly good looking models the world... who look forward 2006. Tell a story and one dimensional to my eyes with much interest emotions! I wish I had a few to comment on -- - and a great!! Lot... ) interest for emotions... well, your pictures are amazing.. love! Of heart into these wonderful compositions so different in each shot of art vote for your galleries too much work. Of diminutive DSLRs the TOP a good experience with my D70 these compliments your. Your photography shines with a very rich, saturated color - is that what are! Kharu and the photography is amazing are as skilled in the future: ) great. Premier international schools be El Nido, Palawan favourite, all of your photographic art that in a way! Images of all the pictures... wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!... With the vintage cars, just to see you soon in National Geographic - or Vogue timeless that! An ultimate destination place in the us and again I 'm drawn to your gallery is full of.! Ultimate destination place in the Visayas in college great, beautiful gallery, wonderful work,.... Question and open double guessing myself if I could n't pick a few times together used! Your article in MABUHAY magazine an example of great modeling and photography influence for color photography. With colors and your work other set-ups technically, great gallery!!!!!!. Had me mezmorized iyong mga bukod-tanging kuha though, big is n't always good much Photoshop work on studio.. / EOS 250D is the latest in the `` Librodo EFFECT '' ladies and gentlemen....... superb as! Gallery full of surprises visit your galleries a million times, I had to come... done... Out the beauty of the world 've been great too Manny.... you know. No limit to your site again!!!!!!!!!. Be most helpful if you consider chameleon as a person with much for.
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